Template overrides

WC Autoship allows the current theme to override any template located in the main plugin folder at woocommerce-autoship/templates. 

To override a template file, create the same relative folder structure within your current theme folder: [your-themefolder]/woocommerce-autoship/templates

Example: override the product page auto-ship cart options template 

1. Locate the Autoship options template in the plugin folder: woocommerce-autoship/templates/product/autoship-options.php 

2. Create the template override folder structure in your current theme: [your-theme-folder]/woocommerce-autoship/templates/product 

3. Copy the template file woocommerce-autoship/templates/product/autoshipoptions.php to your theme folder at [your-theme-folder]/woocommerceautoship/templates/product/autoship-options.php WC Autoship will now implement the autoship-options.php template file from your theme folder! 

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