Why am I unable to update my license key?

If you are unable to update an active license key, please check the following:

  1. Is your license key status active?
    1. You can verify your license key status by visiting wooautoship.com/my-account
    2. If you have an inactive or expired key, you will need to purchase a renewal before the license key will update
  2. How many site URL's have you activated?
    1. Your Autoship license is intended for a single website, so if you are attempting to activate a second website URL, then you may receive an alert stating "Your license key is invalid..."
    2. You can check to see how many site URL's have been activated by visiting wooautoship.com/my-account and clicking "View Licenses" > "Manage Sites"
    3. Note: you can activate up to two URLs.  This second URL is intended only for a development or staging site.  If you wish to use Autoship on more than 1 production web site, please purchase an additional license (note: we offer a 50% discount on multi-license purchases, just send us a contact with your existing license key)
  3. Does your wordpress host support cURL?
    1. Contact your wordpress hosting provider and ask to verify that the extension php-curl is installed on the server
    2. The plugin won't be able to send requests for the license key without php-curl installed.  

If you are still experiencing a problem with your license key, please contact support. 

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