Autoship coupon settings

Using WooCommerce coupons is a great way to offer incentives to your Autoship customers.

Learn more about  WooCommerce Coupon Management from the WooCommerce website.

Autoship coupons settings

When WC Autoship is activated on your store, admins will see new options on WooCommerce coupons.

Usage Restriction: Autoship Checkout

Enable this setting (checked) to require products scheduled for Autoship to be in the cart in order to apply the coupon at checkout.

Usage Restriction: No Autoship Orders

Enable this setting (checked) to only accept the coupon for normal checkouts and disable the coupon for scheduled Autoship Orders (after checkout).

Auto-Ship: Autoship Expiration Date

Set a date for the coupon to expire on future Autoship orders.  This date is separate from the regular coupon expiration date and only applies to recurring (future) Autoship orders.

If no date is set, the coupon will not expire on future Autoship orders.

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