PayPal Business Account Settings

WC Autoship has a unique integration for PayPal that leverages two important features of your store's PayPal business account:

  1. Billing Agreements
  2. Reference Transactions
    1. Important: You must contact PayPal Support to enable this feature on your PayPal business account
    2. PayPal takes 24-48 hours to enable this account feature and will confirm via email once it is enabled

Before enabling PayPal Express payments for your customers, you'll want to verify that both of these features are enabled on your PayPal business account.

What is a reference transaction?

A reference transaction is a financial transaction from which subsequent transactions can be derived. 

For example, a buyer purchases an item on your site, and you use the PayPal transaction ID or reference transaction ID later to initiate another transaction. A reference transaction must have occurred within the past 730 days because the ID may not be available after two years.

What is a billing agreement?

A billing agreement is an acknowledgment from the customer that allows PayPal to withdraw funds from the buyer’s PayPal account without requiring the buyer to log-in to PayPal. The customer approves the billing agreement with PayPal the first time they pay for an order or when they add a PayPal payment method to their customer account. 

The integration then uses the billing agreement as a permission to bill the customer for upcoming Autoship orders.

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