WC Autoship could not be configured!

cURL is Installed

Make sure that the PHP cURL extension is installed and running on your server.

PHP Version

Make sure that you are running at least PHP 5.5 with WC Autoship to take advantage of the latest features.

Write Permissions

Check that the /wp-content/uploads directory is writable and that the mkdir() function is allowed. Both of these requirements are essential to run Autoship. 

Access Restrictions (.htaccess)

If your site is restricted with HTTP Basic Auth credentials, you will need to add your username and password to WC Autoship. This type of restriction is common in staging sites and testing sites.

Add these lines to your wp-config.php file:

// WC Autoship auth for staging site 
define( 'WC_AUTOSHIP_PIPEY_AUTH', 'username:password' );

Replace username:password with the username and password for the site.

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