Error: Auth failed due to invalid client

Error: Auth failed due to invalid client. Please try to re-configure Autoship.

This error may appear as a logged Autoship Activity (viewable within the Wordpress Admin dashboard widget or the Autoship Activity log report).

Causes of the error

This error is typically caused by changes to the Wordpress environment such as the ip address the site is hosted on being changed.  Such changes to the environment will interrupt Autoship's scheduled automation.

What to do

Ensure you are running the most up to date version of WC Autoship and then visit the WC Autoship Settings tab in your Wordpress Admin > WooCommerce > Settings > WC Autoship.

Once here, locate the "Configuration" setting and click "Reset WC Autoship Configuration":

Resetting the configuration will result in 2 prompts displayed in the Wordpress Admin.  Click one prompt at a time and wait for a successful message before clicking the 2nd prompt.

Once both "Congifure now!" prompts have been run successfully, you may see another error in your Autoship Activity log displaying "Semaphore is empty". This error is okay and is sometimes reported after resetting the WC Autoship configuration.

We suggest that you test the following after resetting the Autoship configuration:

  • Edit a test Autoship Schedule
  • Create a test Autoship Order

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