On-Page alerts for Shipping

On-page alerts will display when a Shipping method is missing from any Autoship schedule.  These alerts will attempt to help the customer identify what to do in the following cases:

No shipping methods available

Alert: "There are no shipping methods available for this order. Do you have a valid Shipping Address in your account?"

If no shipping methods are available within any Autoship Schedule's selection for Shipping Method, this is usually an issue with the Shipping Address itself.  The alert suggests that the customer update their Shipping Address so that shipping methods will be available on their Autoship Schedules.  

This behavior can be checked in the store's cart in case a store admin is attempting to help a customer fix an issue with their Shipping Address to see if a regular cart and checkout will display Shipping Methods using the customer's address.

Invalid shipping method (and shipping methods are available)

Alert: "Invalid shipping method. Please select a valid shipping method."

In this case, a customer does not have a shipping method selected, but there are shipping methods available.  A simple alert is displayed to direct the customer to select a shipping method for the appropriate Autoship Schedule.

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