Autoship Analytics FAQ

I see the message "There was an error registering this site!"

This means that your site was unable to successfully connect to the Analytics server.  

You should check 3 things:

  1. that the site URL of your store is secure (example: HTTPS://
  2. "Enable REST API" option within WooCommerce > API > Settings is CHECKED
  3. the User set for the API Key has the role of Administrator

In some cases, you can simply retry registering using the same Consumer Key and Consumer Secret and the connection will succeed.

However, if this error message persists, please contact or click "contact" on our support site and one of our support devs will help you troubleshoot the connection.

I attempted to connect my site but it didn't work.  What should I do?

If you attempt to connect your site and it doesn't work, you'll receive an email from the Analytics web server with the subject "WC Autoship Analytics site failed".

Please contact or click "contact" on our support site and one of our support devs will help you troubleshoot the connection.

Will connecting my site to Autoship Analytics change anything on my website, store or database?

No. The integration between your WooCommerce store and the Autoship Analytics server is READ only.  This means that your WooCommerce store and data are completely unchanged. 

Will Autoship Analytics work on my staging or dev site?

No. The API connection must be made using a secure HTTPS url, so staging sites or local development sites will not be able to make this connection.

Why don't I see anything on my Dashboard?

Depending on the amount of data in your WooCommerce store, it can take more or less time to perform the first data synchronization.   Once your first data synchronization is complete, data will be synchronized in realtime which happens almost instantly (i.e. no lag time!)

Simply refresh your page or visit the Autoship Analytics page after an hour or so and you should see completely up-to-date Dashboard Reports.

Is my data safe and private?

Absolutely!  The connection between your store and the Autoship Analytics server is secure and your data will not be shared with any other party.

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