1. Enabling Autoship Settings in WooCommerce

WC Autoship Settings

The WC Autoship settings are found in your WP Admin under WooCommerce > Settings > WC Autoship.

1. Enter your License Key

Your license key was issued to you when you purchased WC Autoship. You will find this in your email or in your account at  https://wooautoship.com/my-account. Be sure to enter your license key to ensure that you receive core updates and support.

2. Enable Autoship Order Processing

Scroll to the "Order Processing" section. Select the checkbox to "Process Autoship Orders". This will enable the scheduled task to create scheduled Autoship orders on your site.

NOTE: The setting will be automatically disabled if the site URL is changed as is the case with test or staging sites. When you are working in a test or staging environment with existing Autoship customers and orders, this setting should be disabled in order to prevent duplicate scheduled order creation.

3. Save your settings.

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