3. Payment Gateway Setup

Payment Gateways

WC Autoship requires payment gateway integrations that implement the standard   WooCommerce Payment Token API. The Autoship process will automatically detect payment methods stored using this standard WooCommerce method. 

This means that any payment gateway integration that implements the WooCommerce Payment Token API is compatible with WC Autoship. We recommend  WooCommerce Stripe (especially if you are a new store and looking for a free payment gateway integration to test with WC Autoship) in addition to the payment gateway integrations offered on WooAutoship.com.

Learn more details on our support site about  Payment Tokens and WC Autoship Payment Gateways.

Example: Setting up Stripe by WooCommerce

(note: many of these steps can be found on  WooCommerce's online documentation for Stripe)

First Time Plugin Installation

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New on your WordPress site.
  2. Enter WooCommerce Stripe in the Search Plugins bar. Author is Automattic/WooCommerce.
  3. Click Install Now and Activate.
  4. To learn more, see Installing and Managing Plugins at Wordpress.org.

WooCommerce Checkout Settings

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout.
  2. Click the "Stripe" tab from the list of payment gateways.
  3. Enter a Title (required) and Description (optional) seen by the customer during checkout.
  4. Check the Enable Test Mode checkbox, if you wish to test before going live. Uncheck to begin accepting payments with Stripe.
  5. Enter your Live Secret Key and Live Publishable Key (obtained from your Stripe account). The Test Secret Key and Test Publishable Key are different and should only be used when Enable Test Mode selected in step 4.
  6. Check the checkbox to Capture Charge Immediately (Authorize and Capture) or untick to only Authorize. If you untick the box, you need to capture funds manually for each order via the order screen.
  7. Select the checkbox to "Enable Stripe".
  8. Enter your API keys: Live Secret Key, Live Publishable Key, Test Secret Key, Test Publishable Key.
  9. Disable "Stripe Checkout".
  10. Enable "Saved Cards": This option is must be enabled to save payments for future Autoship orders.
  11. Save your settings.

Example: Setting up Authorize.Net CIM Payments by WC Autoship

First Time Authorize.Net CIM Customer

  1. Sign up for Authorize.Net and ensure you have the CIM (Customer Information Manager) enabled on your Authorize.Net Account

First Time Plugin Installation

  1. Purchase the Plugin from WooAutoship.com 
    1. Available at: https://wooautoship.com/downloads/wc-autoship-authorize-net-payments/
  2. Download the Plugin to your desktop.
  3. Login to your site's Worpdress Admin (https://yourwoocommercestore.com/wp-admin)
  4. Go to the Plugins screen and click Add New
  5. Click Upload Plugin in the upper left
  6. You will be prompted to upload the .zip package, and once uploaded, you can install the plugin.
    • Browse - Click to browse your computer's local hard drive and the select the Plugin zip file.
    • Install Now - Click this button to install the Plugin from the zip file detailed in the text box. 
  7. Once installed, Activate the Plugin

Authorize.Net Account: API ID/Key

  1. Login to your Authorize.net account and 
  2. Find your API Login ID and Transaction Key
    1. You will copy and paste these values into WooCommerce Checkout Settings (next step)
WooCommerce Checkout Settings

  1. In Wordpress, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > WC Autoship Authorize.net Payments
  2. Check the checkbox Enable WC Autoship Authorize.net Payments
  3. Enter a Title to display to customers at Checkout (example: Pay by Credit Card)
  4. Enter your License Key for WC Autoship Authorize.net Payments
    1. Need help with this step? Visit Where is my license key?
  5. Copy and paste your Authorize.Net Account API Login ID and Transaction Key
  6. Save this information on the settings page
  7. Additional Options:
    1. Payment Mode > Authorize Only: Enable this option to only Authorize payments instead of processing a completed sale on checkout and when creating scheduled Autoship orders
    2. CVV > Require CVV: Enable this option to enable the CVV payment field and require CVV at checkout
    3. Sandbox Mode: Enable this mode to restrict all payments to Test Payments
      1. Learn more about Sandbox and Test Payments with Authorize.Net

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