5. Enable Products for Autoship

Enabling Autoship on a WooCommerce Product

Note: WC Autoship can be enabled for Simple and Variable WooCommerce Products

  1. Navigate to your WooCommerce Products page.
  2. Edit or Create a "Simple product" in your inventory.
  3. Scroll to the Product Data section. Click the "Autoship" tab.

  4. Check the checkbox to Enable Autoship.
  5. OPTIONAL: Set an Autoship Price
    1. Enter an Autoship Price to charge a unique amount at checkout and future Autoship Orders when an Autoship Frequency is chosen for your product 
  6. Set a Min and Max Autoship Frequency
    1. Example: Min Autoship Frequency to "7 days" and Max Autoship Frequency to "365 days" will allow customers to select any schedule frequency from 7 to 365 days.
    2. Example: Min Autoship Frequency to "7 days" and Max Autoship Frequency to "30 days" will allow customer to select any schedule freqency from 7 to 30 days.
  7. OPTIONAL: Select a Default Autoship Frequency
    1. Select a default Autoship Frequency (example: 7 days) to be pre-selected for customers on the Product Page
    2. By default, no Autoship Frequency will be selected
  8. Save your changes and publish your Autoship product.
  9. View your Autoship product page on the site.

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