6. Creating your first Autoship Order

Testing the Customer Experience: Creating Your First Autoship Order

  1. Visit your website as a customer and view a Product Page for a Product enabled for Autoship.
  2. Scroll to the Autoship options on the product page. 
  3. Select any available Autoship Frequency (example: "Every 30 days") and add the item to the cart.

  4. Complete the normal checkout process on the site. 
    1. If you are using a test or Sandbox account to test payments, complete checkout using a test payment method
  5. After completing checkout, confirm that a new WooCommerce order was created successfully.
  6. Next, confirm that Autoship Schedule(s) were also created successfully
    1. Navigate to My Account > Autoship Schedules 
    2. You should see a new Autoship Schedule for each Autoship Frequency added to products purchased at Checkout.
  7. Confirm that the Autoship Schedule(s) have the correct Products, Payment Method, Shipping Method, Subtotals and Total.  If a coupon code was used at checkout, confirm that it is applied on the Autoship Schedule as well.
  8. Next, confirm that the Payment Method was saved in My Account.
    1. Navigate to My Account > Payment Methods page
    2. Confirm that the Payment Method used to complete checkout is displayed

Test Adding New Payment Methods

You can further test your payment integration by adding a new payment method within My Account.

  1. Login to your store as a Customer with an existing Autoship Schedule
  2. Visit My Account > Payment Methods
  3. Click Add Payment Method
  4. Enter a new test payment and click Add Payment
  5. Confirm that another Payment Method was saved in My Account > Payment Methods
  6. Confirm that another Payment Method is selectable in My Account > Autoship Schedules

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