7. Manually Testing A Scheduled Autoship Order

Testing Autoship: Manual Order Creation

Site admins have the ability to manually force the creation of an order scheduled for Autoship.

This can be useful as a customer support workflow for helping customers who want an Autoship order to process immediately.

It's also a very useful testing workflow and should be performed at least once before officially launching Autoship on your site to ensure that orders can be created successfully.

Test: Manually Create A Scheduled Autoship Order

  1. In the Wordpress Admin, visit Autoship > Schedules
  2. Check the checkbox for the Scheduled Autoship order you'd like to create
  3. Above the list of Autoship Schedules, find the Bulk Actions Select Dropdown
  4. From Bulk Actions, select Create Autoship Order
  5. Next, click Apply

A successful order message and order number will appear if the scheduled Autoship Order was able to be created.

You can verify the order quickly by clicking on the resulting order number.

Here's the whole process from start to finish

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