GoDaddy Managed Wordpress Issues

The hosting environment for  GoDaddy Managed Wordpress has been reported to be incompatible with WC Autoship. The known issues with WC Autoship are listed below:

  • Non-standard WP Cron processes - GoDaddy Managed Wordpress runs a central cron service with a different server configuration than the front-facing server. This has two known limiting effects on WC Autoship:
    1. Inconsistent IP Address (variable client). You will see the error message "Auth failed due to invalid client. Please try to re-configure Autoship" when trying to process Autoship orders.
    2. Partial support for cURL options. WC Autoship cannot fully implement cURL on the GoDaddy hosting environment.
  • Limited support for the PHP function mkdir(). This function is essential to WC Autoship, and it is required for a successful WC Autoship implementation.
  • Server access limitations: GoDaddy Managed Wordpress servers will randomly throw the 429 HTTP error. This server outage error affects several core WC Autoship features:
    429 Too Many Requests

WC Autoship users are encouraged to avoid GoDaddy Managed Wordpress due to these limitations.

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