What's included with plugin license purchase?

Single Site License Purchase (available via WooAutoship.com)

A license purchase from WooAutoship.com includes the plugin files, 1 year of online support and access to plugin updates.  You can renew your license(s) after one year to continue to receive online support and plugin updates.

Each license purchase is covered by a 30 day evaluation period.  You may request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date.  We do request that you include a brief explanation regarding why you don't want to continue using the plugin so that we can at least offer a possible solution.

License Renewal

To learn how to renew your license, please visit this doc on our support site:  How to Renew Licenses

Purchases from WooAutoship.com are for a Single Site License

Regular license purchase is for a single website not for sale as part of an end work (website or service).  Please review our  terms and conditions published on WooAutoship.com to learn more about your purchase.

Online Support

WC Autoship has been installed successfully on many WooCommerce stores and themes, so chances are good that if you were able to setup WooCommerce successfully, then you will be able to install and setup WC Autoship as well.  If you do need help troubleshooting issues, you can receive help online from our friendly support team.

  • Contact our helpful support with your question or issue
  • Most issues regarding proper setup or configuration can be addressed
  • Get a response within 1 business day (most responses within just a few hours)
  • Escalated issues can be diagnosed and fixed on test/staging sites

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