What if my Woo Autoship Database Upgrade failed?

Some updates to the WC Autoship plugin may require that you update your Woo Autoship Database.

After updating, you may see an alert that the database update failed.

If this is the case, the first thing you should do is download a log of the records that failed the update.
This log can be found within WP-Admin > Autoship > Log (pictured below)

The 3 Log files created when doing an update to the Woo Autoship database are:

  • Schedules Before: these are a record of Autoship Schedules in your database before performing the database update
  • Schedules After: a record of Autoship Schedules in your database after performing the database update
  • Schedules Errors: if a database update fails, these are a record of Autoship Schedules in your database that failed to update

What should I do with these logs?

In order to get support on a database update failure, please download all 3 logs and attach them to a support request.  This will enable our team to quickly review the logs and let you know how best to resolve the issue.

You can also interpret these logs yourself to see which Schedule ID's and/or Customer ID's are related to the Autoship Schedule that failed to update.

We suggest using the Autoship Schedules report to look up the Schedules having the issue and to fix the issue.

Why does a Woo Autoship Database Update fail?

The most common reason for a database update to fail is due to a change in the database resulting from a WooCommerce update.

For example, in WooCommerce 3.4, the database ID for shipping methods was changed which means any shipping methods used for an Autoship Schedule must be updated in the database as well.  In some cases, a shipping method may not have been updated to be compatible with a change in WooCommerce so it will fail when WC Autoship tries to update its own database of WooCommerce shipping methods being used for Autoship Schedules.

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