Why do I see "Not Available Every X Days" in My Account?

"Not Available Every X Days" in My Account

The following alert will display to your customers in the Embedded Scheduled Orders App when a product is not available for the same frequency type as the Scheduled Order:

How This Happens

One possible example is if a customer has a Scheduled Order setup for every 2 months, but wants to add a product that is only available every 30 days.

Another possible cause is an admin creating a Scheduled Order and setting the frequency type to 30 Days when the default frequency for scheduled orders is 1 through 5 months.  A monthly frequency (for example, 1 Month) is not the same as the frequency of Days (for example 30 Days).

What To Do

Administrators can change the frequency type of a Scheduled Order at anytime by Editing the Scheduled Order.

If the cause is the Default Frequency (usually set to 1 through 5 months) being different from what you want your Scheduled Orders set to, this can be quickly overridden to change the default frequency for Scheduled Orders by following the example code snippets here.  

For example, if you prefer that products be scheduled every 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 days instead of every 1-5 months, then you would override the default frequency options using a similar code snippet.

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