Autoship schedules report

Autoship Schedules Report

The Autoship Schedules Report is a list view of scheduled order information including:

  • Last Order (when a customer's last scheduled order occurred)
  • Next Order (when a customer's next order will occur)
  • Shipping (the shipping method selected on the customer's Autoship Schedule)
  • Payment (the payment method selected on the customer's Autoship Schedule)
  • Coupon (the coupon code entered on the customer's Autoship Schedule)
  • Items (the total quantity of items added the the customer's Autoship Schedule)

Popular Uses for the Autoship Schedules Report

This report is popular for administrators to view and make changes to Autoship schedules.  Like all Autoship reports, the data can be exported to a CSV.

Popular workflows include:

  • Lookup scheduled orders by customer ID or customer email, first name or last name
  • Select and Edit one or many Autoship Schedules using Bulk Actions.  Available Bulk Actions include:
    • Pause Schedules
    • Activate Schedules
    • Delete Schedules
    • Change Schedule Frequency
    • Update Shipping, Payment or Coupon
    • Create Autoship Order
    • Send "Schedule Updated" Email

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