Introduction to Autoship Cloud Analytics

Autoship Cloud Analytics is a collection of interactive reports that are displayed in a visual dashboard format within the Wordpress Admin.

These reports use data that is sync'd via secure HTTPS connection between your WooCommerce store and WC Autoship's cloud server.

This connection is established using the  WooCommerce API. This helps to ensure that:

  • The API connection is secure: the connection can only be made with secure HTTPS site URLs
  • Your data is secure and unchanged: the Autoship cloud server only reads the sync'd data and does not change the data in any way.
  • It's lightweight and uses very little Wordpress hosting capability: the reports and dashboards are powered in the cloud - even the rendering of the dashboard itself!

Click here to learn more about the Autoship Analytics Dashboard.  

Ready to connect?  It's easy to  setup Autoship Cloud Analtyics!

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