Autoship log report

The Autoship Log Report is a chronological list view of all actions related to Autoship including:

  • Action Time: an exact timestamp of when the action took place
  • Action Type: the type of action performed (example: customer or administrator pauses or resumes an Autoship Schedule)
  • Description: a detailed description that includes the URL, User ID, Action and Schedule ID
  • User: the User ID of the user that performed the action
  • Customer: the Customer ID of the user that performed the action
  • Schedule ID: a unique identifier of the individual Autoship Schedule that the action was performed on
  • Item ID: the WooCommerce Item ID if the action involved a change to a product within the Autoship Schedule
  • Value: the new Value resulting from the action (includes ID, Name, Quantity, Description)

Popular Uses for the Autoship Log Report

This report is popular for administrators to track and/or export exact actions and changes made to Autoship schedule.

Popular workflows include:

  • Identifying if an Administrator or Customer made a change to an Autoship Schedule
  • Identifying why a specific schedule's status was changed:
    • Paused due to failed payment or shipping method?
    • Paused due to customer action?
    • Paused due to administrator action?
  • Exporting timestamped customer activities for marketing automation

Example: The screenshot below displays a schedule that was paused by a user action (in this case the administrator is also the user/customer) 

Alternate Example: The screenshot below displays a schedule that failed to create an order due to an expired credit card

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